Hello! Welcome to “Something Wicked This Way Comes”, which is a blog created to accompany my undergraduate research. My research focuses broadly on looking at the fears and fantasies about powerful women through the ages as portrayed by the witch archetype, with the final output of the research being an annotated syllabus for a Honors Special Topics class at my home university.

More specifically, I aim to take a look at the archetype of the “traditional witch” one finds in Easter Europe or North America; that is, the outcast woman who supposedly dresses all in black, owns a cat, flies, and cackles at other’s misfortune. I want to delve into the various forms of that character and explore what those forms have to say about what people fear about powerful women and what they wish powerful women to be. In order to accomplish this I will not only be researching the history around women considered witches, but I will be exploring books, graphic novels, and films.

As I move further into this project, more about what materials I am using, the course objectives, assignments and so forth will be added to this blog. Please note that this blog’s purpose is mostly for myself and my research advisor to keep track of my progress, thoughts, and work. By all means please feel free to ask any questions you have but my work is not to be used for any other purpose.