Status Update #8

I just finished watching Robert Egger’s The VVitch, and I loved it. It will be added to the syllabus; I think that it will open up many, many avenues of discussion while also tying together a lot of different pieces of the course. (For example, the witches in this film are portrayed as very primal, dark, and haunting creatures. Yet, several feminist writers have attempted to rewrite this myth as being empowering. What are the issues contained within that attempt?)

In addition, I wanted to recap where we stand on course materials. Neil Gaiman’s Ocean at the End of the Lane is currently on probation considering that I just received a new list of possible works that I could use. Anything from Terry Pratchett will be used as jumpstart activities but will not actually be required reading. I still need to watch the film based of off Conjure Wife and read The Lancashire Witches, but both will most likely be added to the class. The sources that I know will absolutely be used as of right now are The VVitchConjure Wife, Penny Dreadful Season 2, Episode 3 “The Nightcomers”, Harrow County, and Wytches.

I am also beginning to work on formulating the historical/scholarly materials necessary for the class as well as consulting with professor’s about how to build an appropriate syllabus.


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