Switching it Up

I realize that so far this bog has been well, a little boring visually and auditorily. While no sources required any extra media, it is always nice to switch things up, even if it is just something that I found to be interesting or used when working on a more prevalent piece of the project.

So, in that vein, let me introduce you to a song by the artist Delta Rae, “Bottom of the River”. The song contains allusions to backwater baptisms and the general push and pull between the Christian God and Devil. (Granted, I am listening to this mostly out of fun, not for analyzation.) However, it was the music video that piqued my curiosity about what other possible meanings the song could have.

A group of men and one women drag the singer out of her bedroom at what is presumably midnight, because these things always happen at midnight. As they throw open the door, the singer turns around, but her reflection continues to look forward, looking shocked. Her reflection stays in the mirror even after they drag her outside in chains.

However, there is a role reversal. The longer she sings, the more the men and women behind her change and step to her tune. She becomes more and more relaxed until she breaks her chains, the townspeople no longer leading her anywhere but fully dancing and singing in her sway. As the song ends, she turns and walks away, leaving everyone else passed out on the ground.

I do not know whether they intended for the music video to be tied to witches, but given what happens and my current analytic lens, it seems likely. Here are the links for the transcription of the lyrics and I figured out how to embed the video, so please give it a watch if you are so inclined.


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