Staus Update #6


Since last time we spoke I have not managed to finish any new sources, but I have been working on finding supplemental material. For example, I found an interview with Cullen Bunn about Harrow County and his inspiration for the story. I have also emailed him in the hopes of getting some more detailed information concerning the stories and lore that became the inspiration for the haints and characters of Harrow County.

Course Assignments:

I have decided that I definitely want to have groups of students workshop different parts of our readings. Considering that I want this class to be primarily discussion based, I think that having the students be partially in charge of that discussion is important. It will force them to focus their analysis and push for a little extra depth and understanding. On that note however, it will be my job to come up with focusing questions and a list of topics that I want them to hit.

In addition, I also know that I have also decided that I do not want there to be any formal exams for this course. I feel that formal exams are more fact regurgitation that tend to stress students out without actually giving them an outlet to express the fullness of their knowledge. Projects, presentations, and essays give students a better creative outlet that invites them to share what they know the best in the manner easiest for them. I think that students open up more when relaxed and able to have creative freedom in their assignments in this way.


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