Status Update #3

The Wee Free Men:

If nothing else, I want to incorporate the first three chapters (60 pages total) of this book. I think that it poses interesting questions relevant to the class about what makes a witch and how people’s perceptions and prejudices often cloud their judgment. The book also talks about the difference in some ways between witchcraft and magic, and what maybe exactly is magic. Perhaps witches are just more aware of how the world works and their job is to keep everything running as it should. There is a discussion on what witches should look like and do and how while necessary, some parts of the world still do not like them. Best of all, Pratchett’s book manages all of this in three chapters while being funny. His work is based on creating meaningful satire out of our world, and I think that this is a worthwhile addition.

I do not think it necessary to read the entire book. These first 60 pages do quite well at stimulating discussion, and it is easy enough to give the necessary context for the Discworld  needed to understand what is going on. It should be noted however, that although this book does come chronologically late in the series, it is the start of a young adult series that takes place in the same world. Therefore, it is building upon the rest of the series in subtler ways that will not severely impact it’s reception in my opinion. No one will be missing any big inside jokes or the like concerning the rest of the Discworld books.


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